Cooperativa Ceramiche d'Imola

The Cooperativa Ceramica d'Imola is a global leader in the ceramic industry, a competitive field which require experience, innovation and high production EFFICIENCY.

The hubes of the LEAN CERAMIC project (borned by the collaboration between OL3 Solutions and the Cooperativa) have been introduction of the LEAN MANUFACTURING and SIX SIGMA theory and the tool PMS (Production Managent System)


PMS allowed to reach great efficiency targets in less than six months by:

  • redefining of production KPI through
    OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) index
  • identifing the main inefficiency reasons
  • defining an improvement action plan

PMS introduction has been fast and shockless thanks to intuitive collection data sheet. In a short time, a 360° map of performance has been drew along the three vectors:

  • AVAILABILITY: how many time plants are productive, compared with time they are available.
  • EFFICIENCY: how many parts have been produced compared with parts would have been produced.
  • QUALITA’: how many parts produced are quality-compliant, compared with all parts produced.
  • In agreement with the AS-IS status mapped, a "road" has been identified in order to induce improvement action plan. Main activities put on:

    • Speed up of product or format change SMED.
    • Stops reduction for set-up and regulation STANDARD WORK.
    • Stops reduction for improving and preventive maintenance TPM.
    • Alignment and synchronization of the divisions production skills FLOW.
    • Cleaning and ordering of the workstations 5S.
    • Performance and quality index improving by problem solving actions ISHIKAWA, 5 WHYS.
    • Training and continuos improvement theory VISUAL MANAGEMENT, KAIZEN.

    Some results achieved:

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