VIRTUAL T&M- Software workload leveling

Virtual Trainer

Virtual T&M is the innovative web platform with which you can improve the execution of work phases by detecting the non value added content and balancing workloads assigned to resources.

Virtual T&M lets to:

  • Acquire video contents using smartphones, tablet or action cam
  • Time Lab permette di associare un filmato alle cronometrazioni

  • Map over time the contents adding rhythm, value, posture and tools
  • Associate timings to the video phases in order to identify non value added content (waste time, material handling, set up etc)

  • Time Lab e l'ananlisi dei risultati
  • Synchronize the mobile contents to the web server and work on them in back office
  • Edit new videos extracting from or combining existing videos and pictures

  • Edit each work phase calculating normalized and standard work time
  • Add equipment and constraints to be monitored during the balancing procedure

  • Assing the work phases to the resources according to the constraints

  • Simulate several operative conditions evaluating balancing and performance
  • time Lab e il problema del bilanciamento delle linee

  • Protect the privacy blurring faces or sensitive contents inside video sequences. The blurring process can be manual or automated through recognition algorithms.


    • VIRTUAL T&M can be provide as Software As A Service
    • VIRTUAL T&M is flexible and easy to put into practice independently
    • VIRTUAL T&M is an innovative and unique tool, developed following years of work application case. It's an innovative way to manage T&M's analysis and simulate processing configuraions.

    VIRTUAL T&M's architecture allows to:

    • Connect an unlimited number of web client
    • Manage multilingual e multi-plant enviroments
    • Manage roles and license of users
    • Work both on premise and public cloud

    Virtual Trainer


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