VIRTUAL TRAINER - e-Learning to empower your HR

Virtual Trainer presentation

VIRTUAL TRAINER is the new e-learning platform with whom you can:

  1. Record HD videos using a webcam/action cam connected to a mobile device and upload them to the server
  2. Extract sequences (work phases) from the videos and enrich them with extra contents
  3. Create playlists of sequences and publish playlists to be played just by authorized users groups
  4. Play the media contents in streaming and use it for workforce's training program
  5. Detect and record the number of visualizations per user, evaluate his comprehension and manage his skill empowerment plan

Virtual Trainer has a clean web interface let you to manage all the learning phases

Thanks to its modern architecture VIRTUAL TRAINER is able to:

  • Work with many web devices (mobiles or desktop)
  • Work in multi-language and multi-factory environments
  • Manage roles and users' restrictions
  • Work both in private or public cloud

Virtual Trainer architecture

All the videos are uploaded to the server encoded in MP4, you can choose among 4 different standards:

MPEG4 - LOW 848x480 20 fps 0,8 Mbps 6 MB/min
MPEG4 - STD 1024x576 20 fps 1 Mbps 7,5 MB/min
MPEG4 - HD 1280X720 20 fps 2 Mbps 15 MB/min
MPEG4 - FULL HD 1920x1080 20 fps 3 Mbps 22,5 MB/min

The videos can be acquired both using directly the recording functions of the mobile devices (integrated or external webcam) or importing files (WMV, MOV, AVI) from external sources

The sequences can be enriched with synchronized extra contents:

  • Multi-language subtitles
  • Attachments in various formats (doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, pdf, jpeg, png,bmp)
  • Multi-language audio instructions that are read by a voice synthesizer

Virtual Trainer multimedial content creation and editing

Using the simple interfaces of VIRTUAL TRAINER you can:

  • Tag the videos with attributes that you can use to navigate the library or to delivery the contents to the users, such as the factory layout (divisions, subdivisions, machines, workstations), the product families structure and the video categories (for example assembly, safety, maintenance)
  • Acquire master videos tagged with the attributes already mentioned
  • Virtual Trainer

  • Cut the master videos and extract sequences identified by code, name and description
  • Add the extra contents to the sequences, synchronizing them to the videos and publishing the sequences (using a status workflow engine)
  • Virtual Trainer ha un interfaccia web snella che ti permette di avere sotto controllo tutte le fasi della formazione dalla creazione dei contenuti fino alla fruizione finale

  • Create playlists of workphases and publish them to users groups



  • Create multilingual tutorial and publish them to specific users group
  • Use the contains to create training program for the operators

  • Play the playlists in streaming filtered for each user
  • Virtual Trainer è compatibile con tutti i devices e le architetture

  • Support the operators with demonstrative sequences

  • Monitor how many times contents are viewed by the operators
  • Manage the abilities of each user using on line comprehension tests
  • Virtual Trainer ti permette di seguire passo dopo passo la formazione ricevuta ed i miglioramenti


  • Create how to for components and spare parts.

  • Create mutitimedia user's operations and maintenance manual of products

  • Broadcast promotional video concerning a brand/product

VIRTUAL TRAINER is integrable with other software solutions:

  • SPEEDER® - real time performance detection (OEE)
  • MTS - maintenance task manager
  • CATHALYST® - real time statistic process control
  • ERGO LAB - ergonomic risk assessment
  • TIME LAB - times & methods tools


  • Reduction of paper documents and work time effort to keep the procedures up to date
  • Contents more clear and effective compared to traditional methods
  • Quick and easy content editing compared to traditional video editors
  • Multi-language platform that allows you to manage many plants/countries editing just one file
  • Dynamic skill mapping that make possible to implement individual skills growth plans quickly and with a sustainable effort
  • Chance to use the content also to manage external resources such as authorized installers or maintainers


  • VIRTUAL TRAINER can be provided also in cloud (Software As A Service) and combined with a content editing service
  • VIRTUAL TRAINER is a flexible tool, easy to use and you can implement it by yourself
  • VIRTUAL TRAINER is innovative and unique, the result of years of experience and research in collaboration with important multinational companies, a smart and effective way to manage dynamically the empowerment of your human resources without burdening the organization

Faces or sensitive contents inside video sequences can be guarded blurring specific areas.The blurring process can be manual or automated through recognition algorithms.

For more Information:

Phone Number: +39 051 6415406