TRUCKMEUP - Logistics become smart

TRACKMEUP presentation

TRUCKMEUP is the new mobile + web platform dedicated to road transportation management.
Using TRUCKMEUP you can:

  1. Import shipments automatically from your company management system
  2. Planning transports using maps and a modern routing system
  3. Monitoring the service status of your fleets
  4. Collaborate with subcontractors through dedicated portals
  5. Assign missions to vehicles and monitor the progress of shipments
  6. Give traceability to customers and recipients
  7. Certify CO2 equivalent emissions
  8. Analyze cost key indicators of optimize the economic performance and the service levels

TRUCKMEUP has a modern architecture which allows to:

  • Exchange data with erp systems
  • Work with several databases
  • Exchange data with the apps installed on the drivers' smartphones
  • Connect many desktop o mobile clients
  • Manage multilingual and multi-plant environments
  • Manage roles and user permissions
  • Work both in private than in public cloud

TRUCKMEUP architecture

Through the simple interfaces of TRUCKMEUP you can:

  • Import shipments automatically from your company erp using FTP or CSV files
  • Manage all configuration data (type of service, type of transport, registry of end points, drivers, types of vehicles, subcontractors, possible outcomes of withdrawals and deliveries, customer registration), and that data of shipping requests linked
  • Monitor the service status your fleet detecting: geographic location of the vehicle, the direction of travel (east-west), current speed, cumulative break time, type of vehicle, vehicle saturation (in% of the volumetric capability, in% square surface capability, in% of the carrying capability) driving hours accumulated during the day, number of current assignments, etc

TRUCKMEUP and real time geolocalyzed fleet control

  • Print packages identification labels with mono-bi dimensional codes
  • Assign the shipments to resources (driver , subcontractor or indirect driver) both by using the central console or by scanning the codes attached to the packages
  • Take in charge, pick up and deliver a shipment using the smartphone
  • Navigate, using your smartphone, to the recipient
  • Comunicate with drivers through dedicated chat

TRUCKMEUP and llogistic traciability

  • Plan trips using maps and an optimized routing system with integrated load conditions control systems
  • Check the status of the vehicle during all the stages of the journey and make simulations at varying load/unload sequences
  • Collaborate with subcontractors through dedicated home page

TRUCKMEUP semplify subcontractors management

  • Analyze the performance parameters in settable periods: mileage / driving time / dwell time / average speed for each driver, journey, single shipment
  • Generate KPI to monitoring transports management efficiency
  • Check the operative costs for each driver / shipment / trip, compare them with the estimations and print documentation
  • Certify the CO2 equivalent emissions for each shipment

TRUCKMEUP register all the statistics you need

  • Provide extremely accurate traceability both to the sender and to the recipient of the goods, even in sub-contracting conditions
  • Inform recipients automatically in specific occurrences (arrival forecast, delay / advance of delivery, etc)

with TRUCKMEUP you can handle all the dispatch phases

TRUCKMEUP is developed using the following technologies:

  • Open source map system (Open Street Map)
  • "Truck profile" routing algorithms
  • Smartphone android app, other platforms (IOS, WINDOWSPHONE) available on demand


  • Faster and more accurate monitoring procedure
  • Chance to offer customers a real-time tracking also in sub-contracting conditions
  • Reduce time wasted during planning procedures and improve trips quality (km, time and service level)
  • Provides geolocalized proofs of delivery
  • Provides KPI for cost control and transport efficiency optimization


  • TRUCKMEUP is an indirect vehicle tracking system, flexible and easy to implement, a profitable alternative to traditional wired units installed into vehicles
  • TRUCKMEUP is a flexible and easy tool, you can implement in by yourself
  • TRUCKMEUP is an innovative and unique tool, the result of years of practical experience, is a new and extremely effective way to manage logistics of the future
  • TRUCKMEUP It is an evolving project that is constantly enriched by content and utilities

For more Information:

Phone Number: +39 051 6415406