SPEEDER® - Real Time Performance Monitoring

Speeder® presentation

SPEEDER® is the new software web platform dedicated to the process performance detection.


SPEEDER® has an modern architecture that allows to:

  • Exchange data with the erps
  • Connect to several database engines
  • Connect via web with sensors on the process
  • Work with many devices (mobiles or desktop)
  • Work in multilanguage and multifactory environments
  • Manage roles and users' restrictions
  • Work both in private or public cloud

Speeder® architecture


Using the easy SPEEDER® interface you can:

  • Configure your production resources connecting them to the web sensors on the process (for example piece counters or power consumption detectors)

Speeder® sensors

  • Synchronize to the master scheduling system and run working sessions on the production batches
  • Control the production performance in real time remotely or directly on the shopfloor

Speeder® and KPI monitoring in a plant

  • Control the working conditions of each workstation detecting promptly all the anomalies
  • Create a wide library of KPI such as: Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Direct Manpower Consumption, Delivery Schedule Adherence, Carbon Footprint

Speeder® and OEE monitoring

  • Add the losses causes to the sessions
  • Analyze the losses causes using simple BI tools equipped with reports and graphs
  • Identify the root causes and implement improvements aimed to gain efficiency and productivity

Speeder® and stop causes


SPEEDER® is easily integrable with the other software solutions:

  • CATHALYST® for the real time statistic process control
  • MTS for the maintenance tasks management
  • VIRTUAL TRAINER for the management and the streaming of e-learning contents
  • ERGO LAB for ergonomic risks assessment
  • TIME LAB for the Times & Methods analysis


  • Performance improvement (OEE) up to 20% thanks to the increased system reactivity
  • Lower KPI calculation effort thanks to the automatic data collection and analysis
  • Easier problem solving process
  • You can build your own low cost MES system to monitor all the critical parameters of your processes
  • Flexible architecture that allows you to configure the proper service that fits perfectly to your needs


  • SPEEDER® is not an ERP, but a tool that helps you (and the ERPs) to have control during the execution of production activities
  • SPEEDER® is a flexible tool, easy to use and you can implement it by yourself
  • SPEEDER® is innovative and unique, the result of years of experience and research in collaboration with important multinational companies, a new and effective way to gain the operational excellence

For More Information:

mail: info@ol3solutions.it
Phone Number: +39 051 6415406