ERGO LAB - Improve safety of your human resources

Ergo Lab presentation
ERGO LAB is a new web platform dedicated to the ergonomic postures and movements risk assessment aimed at calculating the risk of biomechanical overload.

Thaks to its modern architecture ERGOLAB is able to:

  • Exchange data with the ERPs
  • Connect to several database engines
  • Work with many web devices (mobiles or desktop)
  • Work in multilanguage and multifactory environments
  • Manage roles and users' restrictions
  • Work both in private or public cloud

Ergo Lab architecture

Using the simple interfaces of ERGO LAB you can:

  • Acquire an HD video using a mobile device with integrated or external web cam and send it to the server
  • Import any video, encoding to MP4 and send it to the server

Ergo Lab video recording

  • Map the postures directly on the video using web tools that allows you to get a complete OCRA, NIOSH, SNOOK & CIRIELLO mapping easily and quickly
  • Simulate mappings in different working conditions

Ergo Lab video and multimedial content creation and editing
Ergo Lab risks valutation

  • Create complete cards of workers including DPI disposition, limits and handicaps (gender, age, right/left handed, ISO/OCRA/S&C limits, etc)
  • Store the medical certificates and the temporary desease checked by the infirmary

Ergo Lab handles all the employees

  • Evaluate the assignment of workers to production tasks in different working conditions (production mix, shifts)
  • Manage the skill matrix, and the individual training plans
  • Make simulations and print reports

Ergo Lab let you to simulate different working conditions

ERGO LAB is integrable with other software solutions:

  • VIRTUAL TRAINER - multimedia training editor
  • TIME LAB - Times & Methods analysis


  • Shorten the mapping working time (up to 50% reduction), both if you are a company or a consultant
  • Strengthen the analysis standard and make possible to train analysts
  • Accelerate the process of pairing work forces to work tasks day by day
  • Improves safety and working conditions
  • Thanks to its architecture you choose service and cost configurations that fit best to your organization


  • ERGO LAB helps you both in mapping and in training issues
  • ERGO LAB is a flexible tool, easy to use and you can implement it by yourself
  • ERGO LAB is innovative and unique, the result of years of experience and research in collaboration with important multinational companies, a smart and effective way to improve safety in your company

For more Information:

Phone Number: +390516415406